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Online Backup saves more than your data. It saves you time and money.
Natural disasters. Human error. Theft. Viruses. Power surges. Accidents and equipment failures. These are everyday occurrences and only a small fraction of businesses safeguard their critical data from them. Even fewer handle their backups properly or store them securely offsite.

Few people believe that data disaster will happen... and then it does. Many organizations realize too late that they have no usable copies of their critical data. No knowledge of the whereabouts of backups. No records of modifications made to key files. Just downtime, lost opportunities and the need to recreate countless hours of work at a very high price.

If you use ZEROFAIL’s Online Backup, you will never have to worry about these problems again. Just sign up for Online Backup and minutes later you'll have an effective vault, library and centralized storage system for your data. Online Backup eliminates expenditures for backup tapes, disks, external drives and other backup equipment. It's the only solution you need to protect and manage your critical data. You’ll experience effortless organization and recoverability of your important data in the event of any kind of loss – from everyday problems to catastrophic system failures.


Total data security has never been easier
Text documents, databases, contracts and contacts, financial records, addresses, important email messages… these can all disappear forever unless you employ an effective backup solution. Computer drives are vulnerable to viruses and theft. Backup tapes offer limited storage space. Disks are easily damaged or lost. When it comes to the security and administration of your critical data, you can’t afford to take chances.

ZEROFAIL’s Online Backup effortlessly eliminates the two leading causes of critical data loss: human error and the failure of physical media. With Online Backup, you can effectively manage your key data 24/7 from anywhere. Your data is automatically encrypted and sent to our backup servers daily via the Internet. You pay only for the storage you need and you
can expand your scalable online backup solution to grow with your business.


Advantages of ZEROFAIL’s Online Backup include:
• Easy and quick setup
• Keep data archived for as long as you want
• Recover and restore your data with ease from anywhere at any time using a straightforward Web interface
• Daily email reporting
• No tapes, no human intervention, ZEROFAIL reliability
• No long-term contract
• Scalable: pay per GB of storage



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